Answers Pakistanis Give When Asked These 7 Questions

The majority of our people will answer like this if asked the following questions. You can conduct a survey yourself to see how they respond to these queries.

This article, by no means, is intended to ridicule my dearest Pakistani people. I hope you understand the message it conveys. If you do, it would be great to see your thoughts in comments.

Q # 1 – Favorite Book

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: Holy Quran.

Real Question: When was the last time you read and understood Quran?

Q # 2 – Favorite Personality

Q: Who is your favorite personality?

A: Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Real Question? What are the things which are common between you and him?

Q # 3 – Best Poet

Q: Who in your opinion is the best poet?

A: Of course Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal!

Real Question: Would you please share a few verses from his poetry?

Q # 4 – Love for Pakistan

Q: How much do you love Pakistan?

A: I can do anything, even die, for Pakistan!

Real Question: Itis good to know that you can do anything for Pakistan. What have you done for Pakistan?

Q # 5 – About Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Q: Who is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for you?

A: He is everything to me. He’s more than myself, my family and my everything. I can sacrifice my life for him.

Real Question: How many books of Ahadith and Seerah have you read? How much do you follow his Sunnah?

Q # 6 – The Best Religion

Q: Which is the best religion in the world?

A: Are you stupid? Why are you asking this question? We all know Islam is the best and the only true religion!!!

Real Question: Why are Muslims not the world’s leaders?

Bonus Question – The Best Sect

Q: Which is the best sect of Islam?

A: My sect is the best sect, and out of 73 sects, only we will go to Jannah!

Q: And rest of them?

A: Kaafir!

Ilyas Tarar

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