The Bitcoin Story Tells a lot about Regrets, Fears and Doubts

A very popular trend on the internet these days is Bitcoin. It has to be because 1 BTC = $2500+ for a while in last 2 days. At this moment, it is still worth $2269.

The story wasn’t always the same. Just a few weeks ago, BTC (bitcoin) was faring just a above $1000. Last year, its value was in three figures which surged to four figures at turn of the year. People’s hearts and bitcoin’s price was like…

bitcoin and heart beat

Ask those who experienced it.

On May 22, 2010, it was worth just $0.003 when Laszlo Hanyecz, a programmer, spent 10,000 bitcoin to buy just two pizzas. The day is called the Pizza Day in the history of Bitcoin.

A Small Story

Let me share a case study here. I knew about bitcoin some four years ago. I had sufficient money to spare for a little investment each month.

One bitcoin was worth about $13 in January, 2013. Roughly 1300 PKR. I could buy about 10-30 bitcoins at that time. 30 bitcoins today mean 30 x 2144 = 64,320 US Dollars. That Rs. 40,000 investment in January, 2013 could have amounted to Rs. 6,500,000. 65 lac!

Don’t believe me? Read this article yourself.

But I didn’t buy 30, not even one, bitcoin in January, 2013 despite having knowledge that there was something going on.

Here Come The Questions

Does the story look familiar to you? Did you know about bitcoins and didn’t act?

That’s where I wanted this bitcoin story to lead. Because that’s where the real problem lies and it needs to solved. Here are a few things to think about.

  • Why do opportunities come and go but we don’t know about them?
  • Why don’t we act despite knowing that there’s an opportunity out there?
  • When it happens, why do we hear and see things but don’t care to pay attention and take action?
  • Why does it always lead to regrets when we know that something amazing happened and people benefited a lot from it?

Regrets of Today Came from Doubts and Fears of Yesterday

There are millions of people who knew about the opportunity that bitcoins presented. Only a few acted and got the benefit.

The earliest action takers took the maximum benefit because they not only acted at the right time but also became more experienced in the field of cryptocurrency investment.

What separates those early action takers from the rest of the people?

A: Doubts & fears!

And what separates them now?

A: Regrets!

Seize Opportunities

Opportunities come and go. People who seize them are the people who

  • Seek opportunities.
  • Don’t let doubts and fears control their decisions.
  • Take action without doubt and fear.
  • Act with the clarity that there will be risks and consequences if things don’t go as planned and they will accept it.

If you haven’t watched Dead Poets Society, you won’t understand the term ‘Carpe diem’ properly. It means ‘seize the day’ and can not be a characteristic of doubters.

Seek opportunites and th next time you see an opportunity which is worth grabbing, remember what to do.

Carpe diem!

Ilyas Tarar

My mission is to ‘make a positive difference in lives of people’. I love writing content and I hope I can use this passion to fulfill my mission.

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