Blogging Terms For Beginners (Part 2)

(Welcome to the third article of the series which aims to teach how to start a blog. The previous article contained part 1 of the most common and important terms used in blogging. This article is part two of the blogging terms.)

Part one covered blogging terms related to four broad categories:-

  • Blogging Terms
  • Domain & Hosting Terms
  • Traffic & SEO Terms
  • Blog Posts / Articles Terms

Now, it’s time to shift our focus towards understanding the most important part of the blogging which consists of a blogging platform, creating and managing content, the administration, and customization of a blog, converting visitors into subscribers and tweaks to make a blog more reachable.

I, like most bloggers, use WordPress for blogging. This article explains the terms which are typically useful for all bloggers and particularly useful for those who use WordPress for blogging.

Like in part one, I’m going to categorize related terms into broad groups to make the learning process easier.

WordPress Related Terms


CMS stands for Content Management System. It’s a software which enables creation and management of digital content through a user-friendly interface.


WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. It powers the majority of websites/blogs. It’s an online software that helps bloggers create and manage their content.

Its interface is easy to use and to write beautiful, media-rich (pictures, videos, links, etc.) posts a simple task. Understanding WordPress is important for you.

If you’re following my posts as a beginner, let me announce here that I’ll write all the articles in this series based on my experience with WordPress.


The Dashboard is the admin area of WordPress. When you have your blog, you can log in as admin by going to and entering your log in details (username and password).

The dashboard is the back end (what visitors see is the front end) of your blog where you can make changes to your blog, edit your content, install useful tools, and much more.

This is how dashboard looks.

This is how dashboard looks like in WordPress. You’ll see many blogging terms if you observe closely.

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