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How to Cut through the Awkward Feeling of Connecting with Successful Pro Bloggers

Make no mistake; if you want to really succeed with your blog you will be connecting with successful pro bloggers. A retweet or endorsement from these bloggers can put you on the radar of a huge audience. Toss in potential business partnerships and you can skyrocket your blogging income quickly by helping and befriending big […]

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5 Fundamentals of Blogging To Know Before Starting A Blog

This article is authored by me and first appeared on Being Guru with the title “5 Fundamentals of Blogging To Know Before Starting A Blog”. Too many people want to start a blog nowadays. It is but quite natural. Blogging has long been tipped as a source of making money online, which is quite correct. But […]

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How Not To Start A Blog (7 Steps To Disaster)

Too many people have been writing on how to start a blog. In particular, the bloggers who are BlueHost affiliates were recently encouraged (read forced) to write how to start a blog guides. It was a flood of such articles. I read a lot of these guides because, despite being promotional in nature, they contained valuable information. […]

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3 Key Skills The Blogging Beginners Must Know

The internet is a becoming more and more populated with the information. While it is a good thing for most people, it is not so pleasant for the people who wish to start a blog. Why? Because too much information means confusion, distortion, and frustration. Since I am entirely focused on solving problems of the […]

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