9 Ways To Perfectly Define Niche For Your Blog

Selecting the niche for your blog can is a crucial decision. Success, or failure, depends on what niche you pick. Narrowing down your niche is important for success in blogging. However, there can be a scenario where you don’t know how to define niche for your blog.

This article solves that problem. Starting your blog without a niche is too much of a risk. Not choosing a niche is one of the fundamental steps to failure as mentioned in ‘how not to start a blog‘ article. Do not worry if you’re stuck.

So, you don’t know your perfect niche yet? This situation is a bit tricky because you’re willing to step into blogging arena, but you don’t know what you’ll blog about.

As it turns out, it’s not that tricky. You just need to dig a bit deeper to find your perfect niche. Always remember; no one was a master when he started.

Before we move on to the main topic, always remember; no one was a master when he started.

Robin Sharma Quote - Every master was once a beginner.

Every master was once a beginner. ~ Robin Sharma

There are 9 ways to define niche for your blog perfectly. All of them are covered one by one in this blog post. And there is a bonus method too!

Let’s begin!

9 Ways To Define Niche For Your Blog

Nice and quick. Look at the following infographic image which is a gist of what you are going to get from this article. [You are free to share or use it on your blog with credits to my blog.]

Infographic Image - 9 Ways To Define Niche For Your Blog

Infographic Image – 9 Ways To Define Niche For Your Blog

Take some time answering these questions. You’ll end up having a nice list of topics that you can cover in your blog. These questions, in fact, help you get an idea about your expertise, passions, interests, and priorities.

The nine questions in the infographic form the basis of the 9 ways to perfectly define niche for your blog. Plus, you will get a bonus at the end too.

Let’s have a look at the nine ways one by one.

College or University Degree

If you have a college or university degree, there’s a high chance that you must have been brilliant on some subject. Even better, you might have specialized in a particular topic. That’s perfect because it means you are an expert in your subject.

If the subject or topic of your interest is suitable for blogging, it (or its any subtopic) can be the perfect niche for your blog. By suitable I mean a niche that qualifies all the criteria mentioned in step by step blog niche selection guide.

Diplomas and Courses

Not all people like grinding for years at college or university. Some of the practical people choose short courses and diplomas to gain a focused skill set and apply that skill to make an impact in the market.

Diplomas and courses are mostly practical in nature and are a great source of skill acquisition. If you have done some courses or diplomas in any field, that field may serve as the best niche for your blog. Reason?

  • You have practical knowledge about that field.
  • You took courses, which shows your interest in it.

So, which courses have you been doing? I have done courses on blogging, SEO, content writing, and many others. Coursera and Udemy are my favorite sources to learn online via courses.

My Cheat Code: I never paid a penny to Udemy for taking more than a dozen paid courses on various topics. You call avail the Udemy coupons free of cost too.

Something You Love To Do

Does every Oscar-winning actor have a college degree, diploma or a course to prove he’s an actor? I highly doubt that. Most of us do not do what we study in academic institutes. We simply wish and strive to do what we love to do.

[clickToTweet tweet=”We simply wish and strive to do what we love to do.” quote=”We simply wish and strive to do what we love to do.”]

If the things you love are also the things you specialized in or at least studied at some level, perfect! But, if they are not related to your academic years, no problem at all.

Do what you love. It means you can choose a niche based on what you like. I can’t tell you what you love. You know. Even if you don’t, you’ll know after going through the entire list of ways to define niche.

Extensive Information About A Particular Topic

By virtue of your passion and interest, you have gathered too much information about an individual topic. So much so that the people consult you whenever they have some question related to that subject.

Is that the case with you? Great! Because you already are thought of as an expert. If your topic of interest goes well with blogging, it is a great niche for you.

People Praise You For Something

Feedback is crucial. The best feedback is the unsolicited praise. You do something, and people appreciate you for it. Not occasionally but regularly. Not only your mom but a variety of individuals. And not for a whole lot of stuff but a particular thing.

Have a look at the following examples to get the whole point.

  • If people have always praised you for your inspirational words, you should write about inspiration.
  • Are you called an SEO geek like my friend Abdul Samad Essani at bornblogger.net? You should definitely write about SEO.
  • If you’re known for being great with money, you should learn more and write about finance.
  • Neil Patel is great with online marketing so he writes about it all the time.

See your inbox and recall your past experiences. If you find praise for a particular skill consistently over a period, well then your niche is calling you.

A Hobby You Often Learn About

There’s a girl who’s been doing knitting as a hobby for the best part of her life. She always looks for new designs and patterns in knitting. Due to continuous practice, she’s able to learn new trends quickly. YouTube and Google are her favorite websites because they teach her new ways of knitting.

Suddenly, she has an urge to start a blog. What should be her niche? Apparently, knitting! Why? Because she has enough passion, knowledge, and expertise.

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Any hobby that you have enough passion, knowledge, and expertise (remember these three words) about is a fantastic niche for your blog.

Plenty of Traveling Exposure

Traveling is one the best forms of education. Every wise person will tell you that. Traveling isn’t simple for everyone. It’s a problem that you can solve if you have traveled a lot.

You have decent knowledge about the process and places of your travels. Thousands of people may be interested in finding first-hand information about the visa process, flights, and places. Help them through a travel blog.

Be as specific in your niche as possible. Instead of writing about traveling, write about the particular type of traveling that you love. Backpacking, holidays travel, and Couchsurfing are some of the examples.

Travel With Hafiz is one such blog. Hafiz has since been contributing to major websites and working for National Geographics channel. You can scale your travel blog as well.

Professional Experience

Do you have expertise in a field because you had a suitable job? Did you work on successful projects related to a particular department? Do you have years of experience to boast off in something?

If you have significant experience in something, you can be sure that it is a good niche to choose for your blog.

For example, an investor can create a blog and teach how to invest. Similarly, a nutritionist can start a blog to spread nutritional awareness.

Strong Desire to Learn About Something

You may not have a college degree or experience. You may not have practiced it at all, but you may have a strong desire to learn about something. It can be anything. It can even be blogging.

For example, you may not be a football player but still a huge fan of the sport. You may not have any expertise yet the wish to learn more and more about football can be strong.

If that’s the case (not just for football but anything, obviously), you can select that thing as your blogging niche.

Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to start, but you must be passionate enough to become a master gradually.

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[Bonus] A Phenomenal Personal Story

You are in luck if you have this one. A personal success story is by far the most credible and trusted way of building engaged audience.

Here are some of the scenarios you can get an idea from. Yours may not be covered but if you have a strong personal story, use that story and the success to build your blog.

  • Did you lose hundreds of pounds of weight?
  • Have you successfully fought a disease?
  • Did you ever overcome really tough circumstances?
  • Have you made tons of money?
  • Do you earn a lot of money from various online sources?
  • Did you run a successful business?
  • Were you part of a team which achieved phenomenal success?
  • Did you win a national prize?

There can be a unique story about you. It’s up to you to use that story to build your blog. It can instantly make you a hit. Here is a story I have read and got inspiration from.

From Rickshaw Driver to Six Figures A Month – An Internet Success Story


There are a number of ways you can use to define niche for your blog. The nine ways mentioned in this article will surely help you find a perfect niche even if you don’t know where to start.

Remember the rule, though. Any niche that you choose should fulfill the following conditions.

  • It should solve a problem.
  • You should have the passion for it.
  • Eventually, you should acquire knowledge and experience about it.
  • It should meet all the conditions as per the blog niche selection procedure.

Following these nine ways, you’ll be able to define niche for your blog correctly. I hope this article solves the problem of so many people who are stuck at niche selection.

I wrote this detailed process of finding the perfect blog niche so that it can help people find their niche. Do share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Please share this useful information with others too. Sharing is caring!

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