Fruits Boycott is a Step in the Right Direction

Fruits boycott is hot these days. Ramazan is here, and commodities’ prices are touching skies. People have not taken the price hike lightly and have boycotted fruit for three days. The movement began in Karachi via social media and spread all across the country like fire.

What’s the logic?

Fruits are perishable. If we don’t buy the fruit available in the market for three consecutive days, all the fruit will become rotten. Suppliers will face massive losses, and they will lower the prices to avoid future boycotts.

Is Fruits Boycott a Right Step?

Opinions are widely divided. Most people who are in favor see the eventual price decrease as a target. Those against it empathize and sympathize with the poor fruit seller on the street who will suffer the most. Both sides have their reasons to support or oppose the boycott.

So there’s not a simple yes/no answer to this question.

My pledge is different. I don’t want to debate on whether it is a right step or not.

It is a Step in the Right Direction

And that is what I’m talking about. It’s a step in the right direction no matter how right or wrong it seems to be. What I mean by right direction is that this first boycott will lead towards great results in the future.

Let me share why I say that fruits boycott is a step in the right direction.

  • This is the first time that the people themselves have run a proper boycott.
  • There was no political party involved in triggering or organizing fruits boycott.
  • People of Pakistan are finally leveraging the power of social media for their own and community benefit.
  • The social media campaign has brought in people from all walks of life who shared their stance and opinions on the matter.
  • The vast popularity of the campaign has highlighted the flaws in it; for example the loss of poor street vendors.
  • The whole campaign started with an aim to target the street vendor but eventually evolved and focused the main culprits of Fruit Mandi.
  • The campaign against fruit mafia is now triggering campaigns against the political mafia, telecom mafia, hotel mafia and many other mafias which loot our society day by day.

There are many other reasons which can be highlighted, but the purpose is to appreciate a step in the right direction. I hope that movement takes off nationally.

People’s Power

People have now seen how powerful they can be and they must use their power and the power of social media to the best possible level. Only in this way can our country become a great place to live in.

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Ilyas Tarar

My mission is to ‘make a positive difference in lives of people’. I love writing content and I hope I can use this passion to fulfill my mission.

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