How Not To Start A Blog (7 Steps To Disaster)

Too many people have been writing on how to start a blog. In particular, the bloggers who are BlueHost affiliates were recently encouraged (read forced) to write how to start a blog guides. It was a flood of such articles.

I read a lot of these guides because, despite being promotional in nature, they contained valuable information. Neil Patel’s blog starting guide was the most impressive one. The first one I read was an 8,600+ word blogging guide for newbies.

Not only that, my free Udemy coupons page was full of courses on how to start a blog. And so is my Udemy account.

Screenshot of Blogging Courses in my Udemy Account

21 results! (By the way, you can get Udemy courses for free.)

I like looking at starting a blog from different perspectives. It helps me learn more and more. That’s the reason I enrolled in these courses. But I’m not going to write another how-to guide here.

This guide is different. It’s a work of satan. It’s an evil guide to make sure you fail in blogging career. If you really wish to fail, all you need to do is to follow these seven steps religiously.

I doubt your intentions, though. You do not seem to be interested in failing. In that case, all you need to do is to avoid these seven steps to failure.

How Not To Start A Blog

The seven steps that I am going to explain in this article are certainly effective for failure in blogging. You can believe that with 100 {51dd7ed95205891393782e36461aa0d439b6d3b9828c25a34c6c88cac41da828} guarantee and confirm it from the biggest blogging experts.

Here’s a sneak peek at the recipe for failure in blogging.

Blog graphic containing 7 points that lead to failure while starting a blog.

7 steps to failure!

Let’s look at these disastrous blunders in detail.

Step to Failure # 1 – Start Without A Purpose (Or A Bad Purpose)

It’s the first and the foremost assurance of complete failure. To dramatically fail in the race of blogging before it even starts, you should follow either of the two fundamental rules.

  • Do not have a clear purpose. Jump into blogging for nothing at all.
  • Have a purpose which isn’t so great. For example, make money your only or the primary focus.

Passion should be absent from your blog. Otherwise, you may end up doing well. If you have a passion for something, do not base your blog on that particular thing.

If you fail to follow this instruction, failure is not possible. You will fail to fail if you start blogging driven by your passion.

Step to Failure # 2 – Do Not Select A Niche (Or Select A Poor One)

Niche selection plays an essential role in success or failure of a blog. Since we are on a course of destruction, let’s know how to handle niche selection for an assured collapse of a new blog.

The points below are pretty simple but highly damaging if you follow them in true letter and spirit.

  • The golden tip is to start a blog without even knowing the definition of niche.
  • Write just about everything you like. Anyone who comes to your blog (if at all) should have a heck of a time figuring out what your blog is about.
  • It is not advisable for failure but if (incidentally) you select a niche, then make sure it is not one of the profitable niches.
  • Be absolutely sure that you do not have any passion for the niche you selected.
  • Once selected, do not cross check your niche to see if it’s worth choosing or not. Completely ignore the step by step process of finding a suitable niche for your blog.

Beware! Niche brings focus and focus is a culprit because it results in success. Selecting a topic that you are passionate about is a grave mistake that also leads to success instead of failure. Our mission here is to fail. Remember?

Step to Failure # 3 – Choose An Awful Domain Name

This one is a bit completed. You have to mess it up well to ensure the downfall of the blog before it ever gets a chance to rise.

Do not worry. I have this too covered for you. Simply follow the following guidelines to start with wreckage.

  • If your topic is making money, do not include anything like that in the domain name. For making money blog, choose as the domain name. The key to disaster is not to have any linkage between the blog topic and the domain name.
  • Choose a long-ass domain name. For example,
  • Select an awkward, non-professional and unpopular TLD (.com is the TLD in above example). Do not use .com because it is professional. How about Excellent for a total bust!

Make sure your domain does not indicate your niche. The presence of your keyword in the domain is a sign of success, which is not what we are after right now.

The more you nail a bad domain name, the less number of people will give a damn about what it contains. Perfect!

Step to Failure # 4 – Buy An Unreliable Hosting

Web hosting is the home of your website on the internet. To destroy your blog, you need to position it in a poor quality home; a bad web hosting service.

I know you’re looking for concrete action points. So here they are.

  • Buy hosting from the cheapest host available.
  • Hosting company’s servers shouldn’t be reliable.
  • Double check that the speed of these servers is not fast.
  • Technical support must be absent.
  • The server should be down very often so that your blog doesn’t open at all.

Bad hosting service matters a lot for a total catastrophe. Even if you do everything else right, choosing a poor hosting service will still be able to ensure the tragedy.

Step to Failure# 5 – Select A Complicated CMS

Ok. This one is really simple. Suppose you are a total beginner. You don’t have any knowledge of coding. What you need to do for failure is to choose a CMS (Content Management System) which is too complicated for beginners.

WordPress is not recommended at all because it is least complicated and ultra user-friendly. Avoiding WordPress is key to casualty in blogging.

Step to Failure# 6 – Write Terrible Content (Or Don’t Update Content At All)

Content is the foundation of any blog in the world. To get it all wrong is the real secret to the annihilation of your blog. Obey two commands at any cost if your desire to fail in blogging.

  • Write poor quality content.
  • Do not write consistently. Post once a month or thrice a year.

There’s another dangerous thing you need to avoid. Do not write amazing blog posts. If you write at all, write about everything on the planet. There should be no order or arrangement in your content.

Step to Failure # 7 – Do Not Tweak Your Website At All

Let’s spy on our nemesis, the successful bloggers, and see what they do with their blogs.

You know what to do. Do exactly opposite to what successful bloggers do and you will definitely fail. Good looking, readable, speed optimized, and well-equipped blogs end up becoming successful.

Do not do that. Make your blog as unpleasing as possible to eternalize the chances of failure.


That’s it. You have all the weapons in your arsenal for complete failure. You are a master of disaster now. For a quick recap, let’s revise the recipe for disaster.

  1. Start without a purpose or with a bad one. The choice is yours.
  2. Don’t bother about selecting a niche or choose a poor one. Or write just about everything!
  3. Choose an awful domain name like
  4. Buy an unreliable, slow, and flop hosting.
  5. Choose a CMS that is too complicated to operate for you.
  6. Always write (if at all) terrible content with no schedule or consistency.
  7. Do not make any effort to tweak your website to look good, fast, and responsive.

If you do as told, you’ll surely end up failing sooner than later. However, the purpose of this blog post is not to create disaster in your blogging journey at all.

The purpose is to let you know in a creative way what mistakes or blunders can lead you to failure. Please avoid these mistakes. By knowing how not to start a blog, you’ll definitely know how to start a blog properly.

Did you find this article intersting? Do let me know your answers in the comments below. Now, who is stopping you from sharing this content? You can see the buttons below. Please share. 🙂

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