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(Welcome to the fourth article of the series which aims to teach how to start a blog. Before you start a blog, you must read this article till the end.)

In the previous two articles, I covered blogging terms for beginners. Those two articles are the foundations for anyone who wants to learn how to start a blog.

It’s time to move towards more advanced knowledge about blogging. I’d like to warn you that this article contains knowledge that is often not sought by or taught to the beginners.

They start blogging without enough perspective and end up feeling the frustration of not getting anywhere. I have experienced this personally, so I’m writing this article for you to know in advance and save yourself from the unwanted trouble.

Let’s start then!

The Beginning Of Blogs

When the internet started, only geeks could make websites. Some people started writing stories based on their personal routine and life events (just like the diary). These online journals quickly got their name weblogs.

Weblogs later became popular as blogs. But still, only a few people could write blogs because of the technicalities involved. Gradually, businesses saw the opportunity and started promoting their products/services through blogs as well.

Due to less population of the internet (less content), web searches brought massive traffic to earlier blogs without much effort.

How & Why Blogs Became So Popular?

With the advancement in technology and software development, user-friendly content management systems (CMS) came into being. These platforms helped ordinary people (like you and me) start their blogs without coding expertise.

Blogs became popular and blogs no more remained strictly personal or business-focused anymore. Bloggers started writing just about everything. Domain & hosting business also flourished because of blogs’ massive popularity.

You can imagine the popularity of blogs by the fact that today, 4.5 million blog posts were written and thousands more are being added every minute. Check live stats here.

What Do Blogs Offer?

Blogging is a powerful online tool. Your blog is a valuable online property. Blogs provide great opportunities that can earn you respect, influence and money. Let me list some of the things blogs are good for.

  • A blog is an outlet for creativity.
  • It gives you the power to influence others by solving their problems.
  • You can use blogs to educate others (that’s what I do, for example).
  • A blog is a fantastic two-way communication tool which you can use to develop great relationships.
  • Blogs can earn you money.

I mentioned money at the end because you can not make money from a blog if you don’t solve others’ problems, educate them or build healthy relationships.

How Do Blogs Make Money?

To earn money, a blog needs what a real business needs; trust and distribution channel. Nobody buys from a shop that is not trusted. Trust on the blog comes with posting great content and engaging more and more people.

The distribution channel is the blog itself, the email list and the newsletter. Both trust and distribution channel need to be built by you with effort and hard work.

Here’s a simple outline of the whole process of making money from a blog. (It’s just an overview for understanding the purpose.)

  1. Create a blog focused on solving a problem of your audience. The more specific, the better.
  2. Attract attention (engaged visitors who trust you) to your blog by (a) writing valuable content which solves that problem and (b) marketing that content.
  3. Monetize your blog by:-
  • Displaying Ads (Advertisement)
  • Selling others’ products relevant to your audience (Affiliate Marketing)
  • Selling your own e-book, online course, service and physical product, etc. (Own Product)

It seems easy to read but beware that earning money from your blog is not an easy process. You have to work hard to make it happen. Watch this video for further information on how blogs make money.

Two Most Important Things In Blogging

Let me get this straight. Without these two things, you’re guaranteed to fail in blogging. Creating a blog is not enough. You cannot build a successful, and profitable, blog unless you do these two things.

Produce Valuable Content

Most experts say that content is the king. Valuable content is and will remain the top factor in determining the success of a blog.

To make your blog profitable, produce useful content. It must be the content that your readers want to consume and share.

Produce It Consistently

If you write two great articles in one year and do nothing else, your blog is not going to be successful. It is not going to gain any traction because Google does not like blogs which don’t contain valuable content or are not consistent.

Without being consistent, you can not build authority on your subject, and it’s impossible to become trustworthy as well. So though writing valuable content is the heart of blogging, writing it consistently is more important.

Otherwise, there’s no traffic or money for you in blogging.

Which Blogging Model Suits You?

Do not start a blog if you don’t understand models of blogging. You probably don’t know about them because they’re not discussed much.

Knowing about types of blogging will help you choose your way forward and have more purpose right from the start. Let me explain the two models of blogging briefly.

Magazine Model of Blogging

You know a lot of blogs which work on this model. Mashable, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, ProPaksistani, TechJuice, and BeingGuru are some of the most famous international and local blogs based on magazine model of blogging.

Magazine model requires a lot of content and hence a lot of time. To be successful, you have to post a huge number of articles, break the news of your industry before others do, and cover a variety of topics within your broad topic.

Consider following points:-

  • Monetarily, magazine model requires thousands and millions of visitors regularly to earn money from advertising (the most common method of earning through magazine model blogs). Another option is to write sponsored posts (I see them on ProPakistani all the time).
  • Management wise, magazine model doesn’t suit individuals. The popular magazine blogs have an entire team of writers, content managers, and contributors to keep the blog active. It’s not just possible for an individual to live up to the expectations of the magazine model of blogging.

Expert Model of Blogging

As the name suggests, the expert model of blogging requires you to be (or gradually become) an expert in the topic that your blog covers.

When we talk about niche, focused, authority or expert blog, it means the expert model blog. Some important features of the expert model of blogging are:-

  • The foundation of the expert model of blogging is high-quality content. The expert model doesn’t require a lot of content (quantity), but the quality is a priority.
  • It is suited to individuals with other responsibilities (like a job or studies) because it doesn’t require posting bulk quantity of content.
  • It can be managed easily by giving only 1-3 hours a day to it.
  • Once you’re considered an authority on your niche, you can survive by posting just 3-4 articles per month.
  • Expert model blogging offers more (and better) monetization options. Affiliate marketing can be a good start but the ultimate way to earn real money is by creating and selling your own digital product.

Most successful individual bloggers have built their blogs on the expert model of blogging. All blogs of Neil Patel (QuickSprout for example) are expert model blogs.

Later in this series of articles, I’ll regularly link to high-quality content written by ‘experts’ which solved many of my problems when I began.

Here’s a video explaining these models of blogging.

Do Give Your Feedback

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My Mission: Making It Simple To Start A Blog

Please know that I put an astounding amount of effort to write each article so that I can teach you how to start a blog. Your feedback is of paramount importance to me.

The content on this blog addresses particular issues of beginners in a planned manner. The next article in this series will focus on the most important step that determines success, or failure, of your blog.

It will be about choosing the topic of your blog, and you must work it out before you start a blog.

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Next Article: – How To Choose Blog Topic – Step By Step Guide

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