Top Three Blog Niches Which Are Highly Profitable

You may already be knowing what a blog niche means. Niche selection is the most important part of the blogging puzzle. Getting it right means all the success because a good niche is a foundation of the blog. Therefore, knowing about the top three blog niches is necessary.

The blog topics selection guide (4500+ words) mentioned the top three blog niches which are profitable. This article discusses each of them in detail.

The Top Three Blog Niches

The top three most profitable blog niches which we are going to discuss are: –

  • Health & Fitness
  • Money & Finance
  • Relationships
Top 3 Blog Niches are health, wealth, and money.

Health, wealth, and money!

Do you see a pattern here? Health, wealth, and relationships are the three most profitable blog niches. If you look closely at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, you’ll find that these three niches are human needs.

Maslow's Hierarchy

Do you see health, wealth, and relationships covered as human needs by Maslow?

I don’t number these top three blog niches because the sequence can be anything. But it is for sure that most of the successful blog topics are based on one of these broad subjects.

For hands-on analysis of this fact, look at this list of 50 Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable and find blogs which are based on these three topics. Quite a lot? Yes!

Let’s look at them individually.

Health & Fitness

As the people become more and more aware of health, the pursuit of health has come online too, opening up opportunities for qualified geeks to start a profitable blog.

Health and fitness have become a major concern, thus an opportunity.

Health is the main topic and any niche falling within it is going to be profitable if it’s utilized well. Let me share a list of popular niches within the broad category of health.

  • Weight Loss
  • Healthy Foods
  • Bodybuilding
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Nutritional Dieting
  • Skin Care
  • Depression Treatment

These are only some of the niches I mentioned. They can be further subdivided into very very specific niches with laser targeted audience.

Wealth & Finance

Money is and will remain one of the most sought after needs. No matter how immaterial it is to us, we cannot remove it from the list of our basic needs.

With the world becoming a global village, financial knowledge and stability are sought more than ever before. People travel all over the world and deliver products all over the world to make money.

We all seek treasures.

That’s the reason the internet is full of people searching for money and finance. Courses, books, and schemes on money and finance sell like hot dogs.

Here’s a list of popular wealth and finance niches.

  • Online Earning
  • Online Investment
  • Stock Market Investments
  • Online Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Freelancing

Anything related to money will become a hit if you do it right.


Who reads relationship advice quotes and articles a lot? So many people read books on relationships (e.g. 40 Rules of Love). Break up advice is popular too.

Relationships and friendship are human needs. We’re social animals. That’s why social media sites and dating apps are so popular. And so are the relationship blogs.

Jeff Lenney puts dating at number two in top profitable niches. To cut the discussion short, there’s money in relationship niche.

Some relationship niches are: –

  • Relationship Advice
  • Dating Advice
  • Saving Relationships
  • Love Life Advice

When choosing a relationship niche, it is important to choose one that is ethical and contributes to positive and healthy relationships. Focus on humanity and communication.

The Fourth Big Blog Niche

The successful blogs which do not fall under on any of these three topics are based on the fourth big blog niche. Yes, the fourth niche!

Here’s an example.

Millions of people watch and follow football. Anfield HQ is a Liverpool Football Club supporters’ blog. Liverpool Football Club, by the way, is my favorite football team. It was declared the best Football blog in the UK recently.

Similarly, millions of people are interested in cars. That’s why you can see the AutoBlog in the list of the top 50 successful blogs.

Humanity has long moved on from the basic needs of food and shelter. We invest in a lot of things. For example:-

  • Athletes spend a huge chunk of their money on kits and shoes.
  • Millions of people in the UK alone buy tickets to watch Premier League matches.
  • Ladies spend generously on dresses and makeup.
  • People passionate about cars spend a lot of money on them.
  • Sunglasses have a market worth billions

We have moved on from the basic needs and that presents an opportunity for the bloggers.

This implies that you can make a successful blog on any of the niches that people are irrationally passionate about. Just do keyword research on any of your passions, expertise, or interests and see if it works out for you.

Football, Game of Thrones, PS4 Games, FIFA, Android, iPhone, blogging, airplanes, and even paper planes are some of the popular passions falling under the fourth big blog topics category.

You can choose any topic which a sufficient number of people are passionate about and ticks all the boxes of the topic selection process.


Health, wealth, and money are and will remain the most important human needs. The Internet is full of people who search for advice, books, and products related to these three niches.

That’s why the top three blog niches are: –

  • Health & Fitness
  • Money & Finance
  • Relationships

Besides these top three blog niches, the fourth mega niche of irrational passions has emerged too because humans have long moved from basic needs.

Now, we follow our favorite sports team, buy the best shoes, take personal development course, read books on spirituality, and do a lot more beyond our needs of survival.

Therefore, any of these niches can be profitable for bloggers if they execute it with perfection. If you genuinely liked reading this article and found it interesting, please give it a share.

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