How To Start A Free Blog Using WordPress In Just 30 Minutes

(Welcome to the sixth article of the series which aims to teach how to start a blog. This article will show you step by step how to start a free blog using WordPress.)

This article is a complete beginners guide to setup a free WordPress blog. A free blog is an excellent way to learn how to create a blog and how to manage it. You can polish your blogging skills on a

You can polish your blogging skills on a free blog and then buy your own domain (like I bought to become a full-time blogger. To create a blog in 30 minutes, all you need is to follow this WordPress tutorial step by step.

Feel the happiness of setting up your first ever blog in just 30 minutes. Learning how to start a free blog of your own was never this easy. If you know basics of blogging already then it’s great.

But if you want to know more about blogging, you can read (any of) the following articles.

If you’re an absolute beginner, I’d emphasize that you go through the two articles which cover blogging terms to remove any confusion later in this tutorial.

Moving forward, I’ll take you through a simple WordPress tutorial based on screenshots, which will teach you how to start a free blog. Let’s begin!

How To Start A Free Blog

Starting a free WordPress blog is the easiest thing you can do today. Before we get started, though, I think it’s important to know that free WordPress blog has some limitations. Do have a look at them.

For example, You can not run Google Adsense or other advertising programs to serve ads on your blog. Read this and this article by guys at WPBeginner (a great blog!) for more clarity on limitations.

Let’s get started then!

Getting Started

1. Open and click Start a Blog.

How To Start A Free Blog

You can see ‘Start A Blog’ in the middle at the bottom.

2. Click Get Started

Get Started

Choosing Your Blog Type, Layout & Theme

3. Choose your blog type. It can be anything but make sure it’s relevant to your blog’s intended content. After clicking, select a subcategory as well from the choices.

Choosing a blog topic is an important decision. Therefore I’ve written a 4500+ words article on how to choose blog topic. If you’re sure about the topic of your new blog, select a relevant blog type.

If you’re making this blog just for practice purpose, just go with whatever you like.


4. Choose your layout. I selected the option on the left. You can choose what you like. It can be customized later, so there’s no need to spend much time on it. Just choose one and move to the next step.


5. Choose a theme. I chose Twenty Sixteen by scrolling down. Choose the one you like. Like the layout, the theme can be changed later as well.


Choosing Domain Name & Hosting

6. After you select your theme, this page will appear. Write your desired domain name. Domain will be part of your website address. (See next pictures to understand).


7. When you find your domain name available, the page will look like the following image. This will be your website address. Select free. Rest of the options are not free.


8. Choose hosting package. Quite obviously, we’re not interested in anything other than free here. Select free.


Creating Your WordPress Account

9. WordPress will ask you to create your WordPress account. Enter your email address and create a username of your choice. Click Create My Account.


10. The following page will appear telling you to confirm your email. Go to your email inbox in a separate tab.


11. Open your email inbox, click activation email and press Confirm Now. The email will be confirmed in a new tab.


You’ve Created Your First Blog۔ Let’s Tweak It A Bit!

12. Below is how your first blog looks like. It has been created. Address bar shows its website address. The website design and layout can be changed from admin area. Creation of your first blog is done. Congrats!


13۔ Click the profile icon on top right beside the notification icon. This view will appear. Edit your name, public name and about me.


14. On the top left, you can see My Site with WordPress icon. Click it. This view will appear. Click Settings (left bottom) by scrolling down the options. (See Next Picture)


15. Add the title of your site. This title will appear on your website as well on top of the browser tab like you can see Facebook. The tagline is a short introductory line of your blog. Write a catchy one.
16. On the left side, you can see Themes and Customize options. Click customize. (See Next Picture)

Customizing Your Blog

17. Clicking Customize (visible in the previous step) will open the theme customizer. You can change your design, site identity, and other options. Go through all and experiment yourself. A widget is an important option which can make your content well organized and accessible. Experiment!

How To Create A Blog Post

18. Now starts the part 2 of blogging; writing and editing blog posts. Read the text of this image. It contains instructions for creating a post, adding links and adding media, etc. (Explained in next two pictures). Go through.
When done creating post structure, add featured image, mention category, edit excerpt, edit slag (slag is URL address of the post when posted).
19. That’s what happens when you click insert/edit link icon while creating a post. Add the link URL on top, add link text below and click open in new tab. Press Add link. (See the previous image to see how link text (my website) looks like.
20. When you click add media button and upload a picture, this editor appears. Edit the image before clicking Insert. This will insert an image inside a post (see next picture).
21. When done creating the post, first see the Preview (located on the left beside Update) and amend post if something is not looking right. When you’re satisfied with how the post looks like in preview, hit the Update button.
Notification of update will appear like the green one in this image. (Note the featured image added on the left and see next post how it looks like when posted).
22. You’ve created your first blog post on your first blog. This is it. This is how your website/blog looks like. Congrats!
Note: – This introduction to writing blog posts is pretty basic know-how. I’ll write a detailed article on how to create a blog post which will not only lay down the procedure but also contain tips to create great content. Stay tuned.


You’ve learned how to start a free blog on your own using WordPress. I  hope this WordPress tutorial was simple enough for you to understand and follow.
Leave your comments below and do not forget to subscribe. If you think this guide on how to start a free blog using WordPress is useful, please consider sharing it using the share buttons below. The next article in this series, which teaches how to start a blog, will focus on starting a blog of your own with your custom domain and paid hosting. The article will contain detailed information about those tools, where to get them from, and how to use them. Stay tuned or just subscribe to get latest articles delivered right to your email inbox. Stay tuned or just subscribe to get latest articles delivered right to your email inbox.
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