What Is A Blog All About? – Blogging Terms (Part 1)

(Welcome to the second article of the series which aims to teach how to start a blog. After reading this article, you’ll get the answer to your ‘what is a blog’ question and understand frequently used blogging terminology.)

The single article became super long, so I have divided it into two parts. This is part one of the two.

There are a lot of terms that you’ll frequently encounter while reading anything about blogging. Considering the difficulties that I faced, I’m going to include simple and understandable definitions of blogging related terms in this article.

Important! These terms will be used again and again so take some time out to consume this useful information.

For ease of understanding for beginners, I’ve grouped similar terms together in broad headings as you can see below (A to Z is random and not as much beneficial for learning).

This categorization will help you read this article in parts as well if the length bothers you.

Let’s begin!

Blogging Terms

What Is A Blog?

The term ‘blog’ came from the original term weblog which earlier bloggers used in nascent days of blogging. As the term weblog suggests, a blog is an online journal in which articles are listed chronologically, and it is regularly updated.

In simple words, a blog is a website run by a person or a group of individuals which contains information on particular or a variety of topics in chronological order.

Blogging is the act of managing a blog. Blogger is a person who does blogging on a blog. The world of blogging is called the blogosphere. Blogging and blogs will be discussed in detail in a dedicated post.

Free Blog

A blog hosted by free blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, etc. is called a Free or Hosted Blog. The web address of a free blog contains the name of the blogging platform.

For example, exampleblog.wordpress.com will be a free blog hosted on WordPress. Check my step by step tutorial to know how to start a blog free of cost using WordPress in just 30 minutes.

I strongly recommend the free blog for absolute beginners. Stay tuned for more or just subscribe to stay connected.

Self Hosted Blog

A self-hosted blog is a blog for which you purchase a domain name of your choice and then host that domain name on web hosting, which too is purchased by you. (both terms explained below)

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